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Time-Saving Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas

No matter how well you plan, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seem to fly by. Between traveling, shopping, holiday parties, school and work events, and the holidays themselves, sometimes decorating can fall to the wayside.

It’s easy to dismiss holiday decorations as superfluous, especially when you’re short on time. However, there are some valuable, albeit intangible, benefits associated with what experts call a “designed environment.”


For example, researchers postulate that people can generate and associate meaning when they experience a designed space like a Christmas tree or festive room, and this cognitive association can help develop positive relationships with others that also experience that space.

Designed environments can also facilitate shared experiences, including serving as a backdrop for activities, conversations, and gatherings.

Researchers have tested these hypotheses too. In one case, families that routinely visited a nursing home raised concerns over the lack of aesthetic spaces, including poor lighting, colors, and designs. Researchers followed patients’ reactions as the nursing home upgraded the interior, and after two years noted an increase in socialization among residents and family and greater independence among residents.

While it might seem like a stretch to ascribe such value to a few holiday decorations, there is something to be said for how a designed space contributes to a festive experience. So, although time is still likely to be a luxury this holiday season, you can maximize your decorations with these simple tips.

Pick a Focal Point

The easiest way to save time while decorating is by focusing your energy on a main fixture in the house instead of trying to decorate each dimension of a room. This will not only cut down on the number of decorations you need, it will also draw attention where it naturally flows.

Whether it be a grand dining room table or the mantle of a see through fireplace, a designed space that naturally accentuates the most noticeable feature will create an easy, festive ambiance.

Create a Festive Glow

A simple candle arrangement is another easy and festive way to curate a designed space. The soft, natural light, combined with aromatic holiday scents, will create a welcoming, festive design that will easily transition from November, December, and into the new year. Look for candles in fall and winter scents and colors, such as cinnamon, pumpkin, warm vanilla, plum, and cranberry. For an added touch, layer the candles with different pillars and centerpieces for a more dimensional look.

Opt for Neutrals

Perhaps the most efficient way to maximize your holiday decorations is to select colors that seamlessly transition from Thanksgiving to the winter holidays.

Wreaths with neutral earth tones like evergreen, brown, and leafy oranges are a great way to capture a crisp festive feel. Gourds, pears, citrus, garlands, and frosty pine cones are also timeless holiday décor that can easily elevate a designed space for the entire holiday season.

Don’t Neglect Your Outdoor Space

If you live in a more temperate climate or you just want to cozy around a central gathering space, utilizing an outdoor gas fire pit can also capture the coziness of the winter holidays. Companies like Acucraft Fireplaces can design a modern, see through fireplace that can extend your living space beyond the walls of a room. They can also create a cozy outdoor gas fire pit to add a touch of modern and festive elegance, customizable to your unique outdoor space. Add a few festive garlands and frosty pine cones, and you will have yourself a versatile holiday space uniquely designed to celebrate the holidays.

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Acucraft Fireplaces has been designing customizable, modern, innovative fireplaces for over 35 years. Rooted in collaboration, working with Acucraft Fireplaces to create the fire feature you’ve always dreamed of is simple as their skilled design team will employ your vision every step of the way. Acucraft Fireplaces will create the perfect fire solution for your space, whether you desire a traditional gas burning fireplace or an ultra-modern outdoor gas fire pit.

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