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Acucraft has been the premier designer and manufacturer of wood, gas and outdoor fire solutions since 1979. Our dedication to innovation, honesty, excellence, and hard work ensure we can provide solutions to each and every one of our customers. We work with some of the nation's top Architects, Designers, General Contractors and Builders. We design + create unique, one-of-a-kind custom products as well as "standard" products.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Even During Winter

As the days grow shorter, the nights grow longer, and the temperature continues to drop, you’re likely hunkering down inside to enjoy your fireplace.


But what if there was a way to enjoy your outdoor space, even during the winter? With an outdoor gas fire pit, you can relax and stay warm on your patio year-round. You might enjoy it so much that it could serve as a focal point at your next holiday party.

To make sure you’re 100% pleased with your outdoor space, seek out a business with experience in helping people design custom fire features for their unique spaces. You’ll want to make sure you can also choose from a variety of customizable fire pit models that come in linear, circular, or arc-shaped designs to perfectly match your existing outdoor space. Look for the option to design an outdoor gas fire pit that is made with 100% stainless steel components so you’ll know its built to last. You’ll also want the freedom to select your desired size and configuration. And, if you want to get really creative, make sure you can also select your preferred media options, such as crushed glass, river rocks, or logs.

Look for these customizable options when you’re considering a fire feature for your outdoor space:

· Customized configurations to complement your space and vision

· 100% stainless steel components

· Choosing between manual or electronic ignition

· Option of adding a half-inch tempered glass safety window

Regardless of whether you want to host a memorable holiday party or just enjoy your patio, an outdoor gas fire pit is the perfect focal point for an outdoor space. You and your family can gather on cold nights and enjoy the soft glow of the fire while spending quality time together. Just envision drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine, may be roasting s’ mores or other delicious holiday treats, and admiring winter’s subtle and sometimes underrated beauty.

Or, if you are feeling festive, add a holiday wreath, a few garlands, and a nice candle arrangement, and have yourself a jolly holiday party. Your guests will love the idea of mixing the holiday festivities with winter’s natural elements, and the outdoor fire pit will be the perfect focal point for guests to gather around and enjoy some festive holiday treats and drinks.

There are also so many ways to decorate around your outdoor fire pit for the holidays. If you want to go for a simple design, add a candle arrangement with aromatic scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, and nutmeg, and arrange them near the fireplace for a multi-dimensional look. This will add a nice holiday scent while still keeping the fireplace the central focal point. Also consider incorporating subtle holiday colors, like frosty whites, silver, evergreen, and gold. Again, your guests and family members will appreciate the holiday subtleties without overpowering your fire feature’s beautiful design.

About Acucraft Fireplaces

Acucraft Fireplaces designs modern, innovative, and inviting fire features that are sure to be the focal point of your space. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and advanced technologies, Acucraft Fireplaces will work with you to create the simple, modern, or classic fire feature you envision with a team of skilled fireplace advisors and designers. Their collaborative team will help you find the perfect fire solution for your space, whether you’re in search of a traditional gas burning fireplace or an ultra-modern see through fireplace.

Find inspiration for your dream indoor or outdoor fireplace at Acucraft.com


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