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Acucraft has been the premier designer and manufacturer of wood, gas and outdoor fire solutions since 1979. Our dedication to innovation, honesty, excellence, and hard work ensure we can provide solutions to each and every one of our customers. We work with some of the nation's top Architects, Designers, General Contractors and Builders. We design + create unique, one-of-a-kind custom products as well as "standard" products.

How a Fireplace Can Add Value to a Home

If you ask anyone what they’d like to have in their dream home, undoubtedly next to granite countertops, walk-in closets, and a home theater, a premium fireplace is probably high on their list. Fireplaces have been staples in home design for centuries, first as a means of heating the home and more recently as an aesthetic choice too.


Can a fireplace really increase the value of a home? Well, if you ask home buyers as this survey did, they’ll tell you that fireplaces are a sought-after feature for them, with 40% of respondents saying they’d pay extra. In addition, when asked the same question, 70% of realtors stated that they see a price increase for homes with a gas or wood burning fireplace. Why is this? Here are a few ways fireplaces can increase a home’s economic, design, energy, and personal value.

Economic Value

As with other features of a home like countertop materials, room size, and more, fireplaces, especially those with a striking modern design like a see through fireplace, can add a premium touch that the final price of the home reflects. Along with other home enhancements and features, according to one study, a fireplace can add up to 12% to a home’s final value. And, when you work with a with a custom fireplace company, you can design exactly the fire feature your home needs.

Energy Saving Value

Just as fireplaces were essential for in-home heating centuries ago, they can still prove valuable in warming a home today. Running a central heating system throughout the winter and colder months can be expensive for homeowners, but with a modern fireplace, they can curb those costs. The best custom fireplace manufacturers can design fireplaces that work in conjunction with the home's heating ducts and vents, spreading the natural heat of the fire throughout the house. This means that rather than all of the heat focused in the living room or wherever the fireplace is, everyone can enjoy the fireplace’s warmth wherever they are in the home.

Aesthetic and Design Value

These days there are hundreds of style choices for fire features that can add a unique and modern artistic flair to any home. For example, a see through fireplace puts all of the focus on the flames as they sit front and center in the room depending on the placement. Typically, these fireplaces will have multiple sides with some even connecting an indoor with an outdoor space for a seamless look. If a more classic or even rustic wood burning fireplace is more what you have in mind, that’s all right too. Just be sure to partner with a trusted, experienced custom fireplace manufacturer as their team can work with you to bring your vision to life.

Personal Value

Finally, fireplaces are an amenity that people can experience and enjoy together. Fire is and has been a natural gathering point for people for thousands of years, and with a fireplace in a living room, you and your and guests will naturally gravitate towards it. While home buyers are viewing homes, when they see a fireplace, they immediately begin thinking of spending countless hours curled up and enjoying its warmth, which can play a major role in encouraging them to purchase. Fireplaces and fire features are here to stay. Home builders and buyers agree:A house with a fireplace is more valuable than one without—in so many ways.

About Acucraft Fireplaces

For over 40 years, Acucraft Fireplaces has specialized in creating one-of-a-kind fire features that delight and captivate homeowners and business owners across the country. They offer both gas and wood burning fireplaces in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to perfectly complement any existing or new space. They focus on innovative designs with advanced functionality and safety features that are a step above the rest. Whether you have a vision of the fire feature you want or wish to custom design a fireplace, the experienced, collaborative team at Acucraft Fireplaces will work one-on-one with you to bring your dream to life.

For fire feature inspiration, browse their unique, cutting-edge designs at Acucraft.com


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